DooH it, the tactical media of your ad campaigns

In a world where advertising is everywhere, our media is less intrusive compared to other medias.

Your ad campaigns are displayed to audiences while they are captive and therefore more receptive with a 70% increase of memorisation

Our added value : our screens are in front of your audience, while their are in a waiting position, ensuring that your ad campaign will be seen in full.


Our devices to reach your audience 

CharLi: places to wait and relax

Located in cafés, restaurants, hotels, hairdressers and medical waiting rooms, CharLi broadcast a 90s media loop only when they are used by your audience. 

The bonus : repeated exposure to your spot (10 broadcasts/audience). 

Bubbles: places of affluence and passage

Located in shopping malls, motorway rest areas and coworking spaces, Bubbles broadcast a 10s spots in front of captive audiences as they charge and retrieve their Smartphone. 

The bonus : the OOH sticker totem option to boost the reach. 

Digicab: travelers in VTCs

Positioned at the back, the Digicab analyzes the travelers’ persona (gender and age group) to broadcast a 60s hyper-contextualized predictive media loop during the trip. 

The bonus : the measurement of audience attention at each spot. 


Audiences you can reach



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