Reach daily over 20K seniors

Our tactical screens are installed in everyday businesses visited by seniors such as restaurants or medical establishments such as clinics and hospitals.

Take advantage of our inventory of screens, and the targeting of the implantation we know to reach precisely senior. 

Launch your campaign today ! 

Your campaign is seen up to 3 times more thanks to the service provided

Battery problems on our Smartphones are often quite stressful and therefore as needed as Wifi connexion. Our screens provide a battery charging service to your audience, adding value to your ad campaign with a much needed service to seniors and their family.

Your brand gains a positive image to your audience with our media. We can also ensure you that with a waiting time of 20 sec to 30 mns, your ad will be seen in full and your brand awareness will be boosted. 

Reach senior while they’re most attentive and waiting

Our screens display your campaign to seniors and their family while they are attentive unlike most medias. We ensure you to reach your audience at the best time : while they are recharging their Smartphones. 

Seniors will be exposed to the ad loop for at least 20 sec to over 30 mns and your ad will be seen at least once in full. 

Exclusivity from competitors

We ensure our advertisers an exclusivity from their competitor in the same media loop, ensuring your campaign will keep maximum reach to your audience. 

You can also enquire about our yearly exclusivity on targeted screens. Contact us now


70% of audiences are expecting ad content to be contextualized and fitted to them (Rakuten Report). Take advantage of our highly targeted screens implantation to contextualize your content. Calendar’s events, geographic criterias, seasons, your campaign are displayed to adapt contextually and gain awareness toward targeted seniors. 


The Grand Palais museum

The Grand Palais chose to display its campaign on our screens to promote its new exhibit about Venice. After carefully reviewing the screens’ implantation and selecting amongs the restaurants, hairdressers and other establishments targeted specifically toward seniors. 

The campaign was very successful with an 18% conversion rate of audiences to clients with a promotional incentive on the exhibit tickets.


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