Transform your corporate communication

Using our digital tactical stations, your corporate communication gains impact with an audience that is more attentive. 

We can ensure that your digital contents displayed will be seen thanks to users’ captivity and higher attention level while using our stations. 

Screens with a 9:16 ratio such as Smartphone are better accepted by audiences as they are familiar with their unconscious.


Inform your teams and boost their loyalty

You display digital contents that are differents depending of the areas where the stations are installed to ensure contextualisation with a maximum reach.

Your latest company news are not always seen ? You want to promote jobs opening ? Your social and environment friendly actions ? Promote a strong company culture ? 

Discover our corporate communication solutions, which are full integrated, providing your employees with a user friendly experience, displaying personalized contents and offering a much needed charging service.


Innovative communication toward your visitors

You wish to improve your communication toward visitors of your company ? 

Promote your achievements, your latest news and your socially responsible stand with our connected screens. 

With our corporate communication tools, display informational content toward captivated visitors while offering a much appreciated battery charging service for their Smartphones. 

Take advantage of our solutions to display on our screens frequently updated content promoting your company

Easy to manage for your day to day

Our screen stations are connected to the Internet, making it easy to manage them and their contents using our web platform Simons. 

Update your contents remotely, program new contents update easily with a choice of screens to display them and request maintenance to our customer care team with one clic. 

Our studio can also create your video contents and update them on your screens, letting you sit back and enjoy our solution. 

The CharLi Screen

Made for waiting areas such as meeting rooms, conviviality rooms or coffee areas. It is effective to display corporate contents, company events and interviews from top performing employees…

The Bubble Screen

Made for high traffic areas such as lobbys, seminar halls, in front of meeting rooms and company restaurants. It is effective to display your key numbers, safety informations and recycling policies.

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