Mobility and intense attention

Digicab is positionned in front of travelers in taxis et uber cars and displays targeted media videos.

Its artificial intelligence algorithm can efficiently determine audiences’ profile, completion rate of videos played, geolocalisation … the end resultat is an efficient targeted ad campaign.

Your audiences, our media


Once your audience is defined,
target your ad campaign by audiences profile to
maximize / optimize your action’s ROI.


Number of screens placed in PHV and independent cabs.


5 criteras to efficiently launch your targeted ad campaign.


Average completion rate on ad campaigns displayed on Digicab (equivalent to 3,99 views of ads facing Digicab screen).

The audiences you will reach


Reach urban audiences daily throughout
the largest French cities and customize your message.

Avec vos messages personnalisés, illuminez le quotidien des citadins
des plus grandes villes de France.


Is your public located on the edge of big cities ? We offer you a geographic targeting enabling you to optimize your campaigns.

Grâce à la précision de notre ciblage géographique, vos campagnes sont optimisées pour vos audiences situées aux abords des grandes villes.


Does an important part of your customers come from tourism ? Make the most of your campaign by boosting your purchase.

Si le tourisme est une source importante de votre clientèle, boostez votre acquisition
en diffusant vos campagnes.

You have a campaign coming up ?

You can be up and running in less than 48h !

Discover the offer

Data driven

Find out our media’s data

The fact that your campaigns’ data are being analysed in real time makes a test & learn Agile approach possible. The aim ? To supply a detailed campaign report.


You can target your audience according to their age depending on the standardised age groups.

Attention span

Refers to the attention that the reached target pays to the advertising content. It is a condition of memorization. The optimal attention span is 25%.

Attention span per age and genre

Indication that defines daily time attention for every person who has been reached according to their age and genre.


Optimize memorization and activation by customizing your audiences’ experience thanks to this targeting criteria.


We guarantee you 4,2 message’s repetitions towards your audiences to optimize their memorization rate.

Campaign’s geolocation

Find out which zone has occurred the best performance for your campaign. Choose to communicate in specific areas.

Our offers

We have created customizable offers with additional options enabling you to build a campaign that will reach your goals as close as possible..


This offer is optimized for every kind of budget.

Our media enables you to contextualize your campaigns and provides you access to unique data concerning your audiences.
Find out the options available.


Developed to provide you access to the very best of our technology, find out unique data enabling you to understand your public and your market better.
Find out the options available.


Benefit from the expertise of our creative counselors thanks to the customized offer. Make sure your campaign is the best suited for your concerns.

Reach out to us, ask for a quotation.

Our clients talk about it

An amazing campaign !
By using DooH it, we have tried to enter our clients and prospects’ lives. Beside the posters placed on mobile grounds, we have fully learned how to approach their use of transports by highlighting the value that comes from the train, the destinations, the prices and and the route time.

SNCFJulien ferré, Directeur de la communication Voyages - SNCF

Working with this company instantly seemed obvious to us. Everything got planned pretty quickly both with our agency (for the creative part and the QR code set up) and the company’s recommendations.
We have just heard about this medium and DooH it’s advice has been relevant and necessary.

Karen Weber & Louis Broccolicchi - Ma French BankResponsable marque & Chef de projet communication et marketing

Very good collab !!
DooH it allowed us to bring light on our brand to an adapted target. It led us to consider a new and significant acquisition channel !


Need an advice, information
or looking to plan your next ad campaign ?

Our team will assist you in a timely manner.

    En savoir plus sur le Digicab

    Comment intégrer le DOOH dans ma stratégie marketing ou communication ?

    Le DOOH comme nous le proposons peut s’inclure sur plusieurs stratégies marketing et communication, drive to store, drive to web, notoriété, activation, inbound marketing… Que ça soit dans des stratégies omnicanal, multicanal, crosscanal, plurimédia, crossmédia… Misez sur une solution ROI’ste pour développer votre impact.

    Que faire des DATA que je récupère et comment les utiliser ?

    Que vous soyez un annonceur local, PME, ou un grand groupe, la DATA c’est le nerf de la guerre. Grâce aux DATA fournies par le Digicab nous vous offrons la possibilité de mieux comprendre vos audiences, leurs interactions, l’intérêt qu’elles ont pour vos campagnes.

    Affiner vos stratégies grâce aux DATA

    Drive to store

    Optimisez votre passage en magasin en ciblant géographiquement vos audiences.

    Drive to web

    Générez du trafic web qualifié et convertissez grâce à l’utilisation d’un QR Code.


    Ciblez précisément vos audiences (genre, âge, géographie) et livrer un message adapté pour optimiser votre conversion via un QR Code.

    Améliorer votre compréhension

    Découvrez des DATA unique sur votre marché, sur vos audiences pour mieux comprendre les insights de vos cibles.

    Find out our other media


    High traffic / reach

    Bubbles is the solution that exposes your campaign on a device mixing OOH and DOOH in various highly frequented places (highways, malls, etc).


    Waiting areas

    Turn waiting areas into contexts suitable for advertising : choose to broadcast your campaigns on our CharLi media.  

    Whether they are likely to see them in their daily lives or during events, your audiences are attracted by your digital campaigns broadcasted on our media devices.

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