The charging station made for waiting and relaxing areas

DooH it is the digital charging station chosen by all of the businesses with visitors traffic

70% of Smartphone users have battery problem throughout the day. 

78% of Europeans expect to be provided with a Wifi service and charging service in a business open to the public.

The charging station made for heavy traffic areas

Attract new clients and turn your existing clients into repeat clients by providing them with a much needed service in your business. 

We are the leader on the charging stations market, bringing innovation and great service.

Make money by recharging your clients’ batteries

Generate additional revenues with our stations, with an average of 40 to 50€/station/month and reward your loyal clients. 

We display sponsored informational content on the stations’ screen while users are using them to charge up their phone, allowing us to share with you those revenues. 

Manage and keep track of your stations and revenues using our web platform Simons.

No maintenance cost, only revenues for you ! 

With our offer, you will not have to pay any maintenance cost. Our technical team can visit your CharLi on site or supply you with the required charging cables that might get worn out within 48 hours. 

A dedicated phone line is available Monday thru Friday. 

You may also contact our customer care through the web platform Simons.

Public places that we equip

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