What is DOOH ?

DOOH ou Digital Out of Home stands for digital communication displayed outside of the house. 

Unlike online display, DOOH uses smart display that are seen by audience throughout their day. 

DOOH is the prefered advertising channel for advertisers and ad agencies to boost awareness and interactions with your targeted audience.

80% of the public trust digital advertising display*

We reach your targeted audience by displaying your campaign on our digital stations, set up in daily businesses such as coffee houses, hotels, train stations, doctors’ offices or even malls…

A differentiated advertising channel to reach your target audience

*Marketing Sherpa


70% of the public is expected your content to be fitted for them*

Very efficient to boost drive to store, our network of screens give you the opportunity to reach your target audiences in a positive and contextualized setting while they are the most attentive. 

Our screen format is  9:16, just like your Smartphone which ensure a more receptive audience because they trust better this format.

*Rakuten Report

72% of Internet usage are with Smartphones

You want to ensure a high ROI on your ad campaign ? 

Our media stations feature iBeacon, NFC and QR CodeAudiences interact with your ad campaign using their Smartphone. They are redirected to your website, your app or the URL of your choice.

Our network of screens in daily businesses

Display your campaign in ad free businesses where our screens are set up. You will be able to reach your audience in their daily routine with our well established network. Our screens can display your campaign throughout France, allowing you to reach your audience locally or nationally to be most suited to your need.

Our network of screens on events

Drive to stand to boost visitors to come to your booth on a tradeshow or display your campaign in premium areas (VIP, Business lounges…) for a targeted reach. With our event network, you’ll have a strong ROI with an attentive audience.


JUMP by Uber / Audi E-Tron / Armée de Terre … 

Many europeans companies have trusted us to display their ad campaign on our network of screens.

Advertisers or media agencies, to boost brand awareness or generate leads, we adapt to your need to offer you the best suited campaign.




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