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Connect with your audiences

Using our hyper targeting methods as well as our powerful algorithms of artificial intelligence, advertisers can reach efficiently their target audience throughout the day.

With DooH it, brands can reach their targeted audience in a positive context while they are most attentive.

Find out the media that suits your need

High traffic / reachMobility and intense attentionWaiting areas

Our commitments


A precise targeting of your audiences, for better contextualization.


Communicate with your audiences while they are most attentive.


KPI and datas for efficient analysis of your campaign’s efficiency.

Our values


Provide brands with cutting edge and innovative medias.


Omnicanal approach to your communication
for an efficient reach of your audiences.


Agility to provide media solution suited to your needs.


Since 2014, we have worked with over 150 brands,
promoting them to our audiences.


Our team of media expert help brands
create efficient ad campaign.


We provide OPS media solution
as well for custom ad campaign.

Our innovative medias

High traffic / reach

Mixing OOH and DOOH, Bubbles are spread out in crossing points such as malls, highways and coworking spaces.

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High traffic / reach

Customize your messages and spread them both on our 1400 screens and on our OOH devices. As a result, you will get a great reach thanks to OTS besides numerous contacts directly exposed to digital campaigns.

Mobility and intense attention

Kill two birds with one stone : target your audiences and analyse their receptiveness to your campaigns in a context of high attention.

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Mobility and intense attention

Reach all SPC by broadcasting your campaigns on our 500 screens placed on independent cabs and PHV (Uber, Heetch and Free now)

Waiting areas

Go for waitmarketing ! Attract your audiences by spreading your campaigns on our media located in restaurants, cafés, notarial studies and medical practices.

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Waiting areas

1200 screens are placed in daily living spaces to reach your audiences as closely as possible.

Clients’ testimonials

By collaborating with DooH it for our ad campaigns, we are looking to get in our clients and prospects everyday life. We display our campaign on Digicab as well as advertising on large outdoor signages, while our audience are on the move, communicating in a context of mobility, promoting the advantages of train traveling, destinations and efficient travel time.

Julien Féré - SNCFTravel Communications Director

We are always seeking new and innovative ways to communicate and DooH it medias are unique on the ad tech market. Digicab is the answer to our need to differentiate ourselves. We are a mobile bank and the fact that we are able to reach attentive audience while they are traveling in a taxi and invite them to visit our website using their phone and QR code is exactly what we need. Working with DooH it makes complete sense for us.

Karen Weber & Louis Broccolicchi - Ma French BankBrand manager & Communication and marketing project manager

Working with DooH it allowed us to promote our brand to a precisely targeted pool of audience and to discover a very efficient media.


Learn more about DooH it

Startup, Ad company

DooH it is an indoor ad company which enables brands to reach their audience precisely while they are most attentive. Our added value : ensure and measure that your ad content is seen in a positive context and enabling interaction for audiences.

Nos supports médias

Positionnés dans des lieux de vie du quotidien, lieux d’attente, lieux de passages et dans les VTC face aux voyageurs, nos dispositifs digitaux attirent vos audiences, les captivent  pendant que nous diffusons votre campagne digitale. Chacun de nos supports dispose d’un service de rechargement mobile permettant une acceptation de la publicité décuplée.

Our solution to your media needs

Des contenus contextualisés aux lieux et à vos audiences, accroître le taux de mémorisation de votre marque, personnalisez l’expérience de vos cibles. Nous diffusons vos contenus sur deux types d’écrans : tablettes format paysage et  verticaux de la taille d’un Smartphone qui rendent service à vos audiences grâce à un service de rechargement de smartphone. Cela permet de mettre les utilisateurs en position de réceptivité tout en profitant de la proximité de leur Smartphone pour booster les taux d’interaction. Mettez en place vos stratégies de : drive to store, drive to web, redirection vers des LP, gamification de l’expérience client..

Need an advice, information
or looking to plan your next ad campaign ?

Our team will assist you in a timely manner.

    Whether they are likely to see them in their daily lives or during events, your audiences are attracted by your digital campaigns broadcasted on our media devices.

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