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The human impact medium, DooH it, is constantly responding to the current demands of the advertising market. After France and Spain, the advertising network now offers the purchase of its inventories in Belgium in pDOOH on several DSP platforms such as Hawk, Displayce, Outmoove, Hivestack and S+A. In line with its highly innovative approach, DooH it is the first publisher to integrate real-time profile targeting criteria based on the facial features of exposed audiences.

With its presence at the Advertising Programmatic Summit, DooH it officially announces the integration of its DigiCab inventory on several pDOOH DSP platforms

The medium, already a forerunner among OOH media with its CPM-per-impression offerings, ability to target audiences and measure their attention, is continuing its innovative thinking by modernising its commercial approach. With campaigns for major players such as Estée Lauder, Puig and Carrefour, DooH it is now announcing the availability of its DigiCab media inventory deployed in taxis and LVCs on various pDOOH platforms. An in-vehicle media capable of generating audience planning in a context of high audience attention – in front of taxi and LVC passengers – the DigiCab media delivers personalised and contextualised content, without wastage. DooH it is also the only media to offer this type of contact point in Europe. To date, the media delivers more than 8 million monthly impressions to audiences alone.

Targeting criteria and geolocation: DooH it promises successful campaigns

Thanks to its integrated artificial intelligence, DigiCab analyses the user’s profile and detects his or her geolocation, in order to target the right audience. In addition, this AI also analyses the attention of the audience to determine a completion rate per advert broadcast. With the integration of its inventory on Hivestack, media agencies and advertisers can determine several targeting criteria for their campaigns, such as the age, gender or socio-professional category of their audience. In addition to the choice of location for the delivery of their campaigns, several other criteria can be added to the brands’ choices, including the weather. The integration of DooH it’s inventory on these platforms thus meets the needs of advertisers for flexibility, speed of activation and precision in targeting.

By communicating on the agency’s media, the brands give a CSR meaning to their campaigns. Indirectly, they contribute to the remuneration of independent mobility professionals (taxi drivers and LVC drivers).

Brussels, 13 March 2023

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