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Mobility locations

DigiCab, set up in front of passengers in VTCs and taxis, broadcasts targeted media loops.
Its Artificial Intelligence efficiently analyses the audience.
The completion rate, geolocation, age…
Everything is taken into account to measure the impact of your campaign on your audience.

Key media figures


Define your targets and segment your campaign
by audience type.

The result: an optimised ROI.

10M impressions

Audience impressions only on DigiCab screens.


Full views of your video per touch, measured by eye tracking.


Average exposure time of the audience to DigiCab.

Chiffres clés du média


Définissez vos cibles et segmentez votre campagne
par typologie d’audience.

Résultat des courses : un ROI optimisé.

The audiences you will reach


Target busy areas or university campuses at times most likely to reach young audiences.


Reach business audiences in the premium vehicles of our partner fleets and geolocate business districts.


Near airports or train stations, target traveler audiences with precise geolocation.

The audiences you will reach

Data driven

Turn data into results

Real-time analysis of your campaign data allows for an agile test & learn approach: the detailed campaign report is yours.


Target your audiences according to standardised age groups.

Completion rate

The proportion of exposed people who watch the entire advertisement.

Completion rates by age and gender

It defines the daily completion rate for each affected person according to their age and gender.


This targeting criterion allows you to personalise the experience of your targets to optimise retention and activation.


The memorization rate of your audience is increased by tenfold
thanks to the 4.2 repetitions of your message.

Geolocation of your campaign

Evaluate the performance of your campaign according to the areas where it was broadcast and choose to communicate in specific locations.

Data driven

Transformez les data en résultat

L’analyse en temps réel des data de vos campagnes ouvre la voie à une approche agile de test & learn : à vous le rapport de campagne détaillé.


Ciblez vos audiences selon les tranches d’âges standardisées.

Taux de complétion

Correspond à la part des personnes exposées regardant la publicité en entier.

Taux de complétion par âge et genre

Il définit le taux de complétion journalier de chaque personne touchée
en fonction de son âge et de son genre.

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Avec ce critère de ciblage, vous pouvez personnaliser l’expérience de vos cibles
afin d’optimiser la mémorisation et l’activation.


Le taux de mémorisation de vos audiences se voit décuplé
grâce aux 4,2 répétitions de votre message.

Géolocalisation de votre campagne

Évaluez les performances de votre campagne en fonction des zones où elle a été diffusée et choisissez de communiquer dans des lieux spécifiques.

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Our offers

Make your audience happy:
offer them an optimised campaign.


Understanding your audience will become your best asset.

Run a contextualised campaign on our media and collect unique data. With our 5 carefully selected targeting criteria, your audience will no longer hold any secrets for you.


More data, higher ROI

We provide an optimised context for your campaign and let you collect the stream of relevant data that will help you generate more reach and impressions.


Focus on your objectives

Benefit from the expertise of our consulting and creative team. With our tailor-made offer, make sure you create the campaign you need: the one that meets your challenges.

What our clients say

An incredible campaign!
By using DooH it we tried to get into the lives of our customers and prospects. In addition to the posters, on mobile routes, we got right in with their transport usage by highlighting our value proposition of the train, destinations and prices and journey times.

SNCFJulien Ferré, Director of Travel Communication - SNCF

The work with the agency was a natural fit for us. Everything was organised quite quickly, with our agency doing the creative work and setting up the QR code, and with the agency's recommendations. We were new to this medium and DooH it's advice was relevant and necessary.

Karen Weber & Louis Broccolicchi - Ma French BankBrand Manager & Communication & Marketing Project Manager

Very good collaboration!
DooH it allowed us to make the brand known to a suitable target and thus to consider a new acquisition channel that is not negligible!


More about DigiCab

How can I integrate DOOH into my marketing or communication strategy?

DOOH as we propose it can be included in several marketing and communication strategies, drive to store, drive to web, awareness, activation, inbound marketing… Whether it is in omnichannel, multichannel, cross-channel, plurimedia, crossmedia strategies… Rely on a ROI’ste solution to develop your impact

What do I do with the data I collect and how do I use it?

Whether you are a local advertiser, SME, or a large group, DATA is the sinews of war. Thanks to the data provided by the Digicab, we offer you the possibility to better understand your audiences, their interactions and the interest they have for your campaigns.

Refining your strategies with DATA

Drive to store

Optimise your in-store visits by targeting your audiences geographically.

Drive to web

Generate qualified web traffic and convert through the use of a QR Code.


Precisely target your audience (gender, age, geography) and deliver an adapted message to optimise your conversion via a QR Code.

Improve your understanding

Discover unique data on your market, on your audience to better understand the insights of your targets.

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