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Mass media with high reach

In malls, coworking buildings and highway stations, Bubbles is an innovative media which combines both digital and print to reach audiences in those high traffic context.

Your audiences, our media

Twice more impact, 2m² print and 9:16 screens.
We provide you with a high OTS and ensure a high completion rate on your video.


screens placed
in attractive high traffic areas.


completion rate on your digital
content using the charging service.


2m² prints to reach a high OTS
in those high traffic areas.

Audiences you will reach

Drivers and their passengers

Reach them up to the wheel.
Reach drivers and their passengers while they are stopping in highways station to refuel or take a break.


Reach your audiences while they’re working.
Be the coffee break’s favorite topic.
Work it til you target it.

In lobbys and relaxation areas, reach an active pool of audience from freelances to managers in large corporations.


Reach shoppers when they arrive and before the leave shopping mall.

Reach shoppers when they arrive and before the leave shopping malls.

You have a campaign coming up ?

You can be up and running in less than a week !

Discover the offer

Data driven

Turn your data into results

Real-time analysis of your campaigns’ data enables a test & learn agile approach : the detailed campaign’s report is yours.

Real-time analysis of your campaigns’ data enables a test & learn agile approach : make sure you have a detailed campaign’s report.


It shows the number of interactions generated by your ad in all of the broadcast venues.


Audiences are qualified according
to their ages and their SPC.


We guarantee you 10 repetitions of your message to maximize your audiences’ memorization rate.

Interaction per location

We tell you which places generated
the most interactions with your advertising.

ROI per activation

It is the key that defines how much
an interaction with your ad cost.


We notify you the number of persons who got the Occasion To See
your advertising on all of the targeted places.

Our offers

Your audiences are somewhere waiting for you…Let’s find them.


Target shoppers in a context of purchase thanks to our media placed on information points and through malls’ aisles.


During their break time, let motorists benefit from our media located in motorist rest areas’ entrances and cafeterias.

Coworking areas

Choose to broadcast your messages to employees and business decision makers in their workplaces through our media placed in lobbies and coworking areas’ friendly rooms.

Our clients talk about it

Successful and innovative design
We loved the design and the fact that the Bubbles way of communicating was so innovative. This media is perfect to reach student targets.

Dentsu - French Army

Need an advice, information
or looking to plan your next ad campaign ?

Our team will assist you in a timely manner.

    Want to know more about Bubbles ?

    Bubbles, what is that ?

    Bubbles is the name we give to our OOH and DOOH media solution. It offers a secured mobile charging system with the use of a code. Our product assures you that your audience stays near your advertising broadcasted on screens and on printout displays.

    What does OTS mean ?

    OTS stands for Occasion To See which refers to the opportunity to connect between your targets and the communication device. OTS is often associated with advertising displays. An advertising space and its potential are often defined by occasions to see during a specific period.

    What do OOH and DOOH stand for ?

    OOH, also called “Out Of Home”, is defined by external advertising in printout form.

    On the other hand, DOOH, or “Digital Out Of Home”, refers to digital devices placed outside the home. OOH and DOOH both have valuable advantages in terms of communication impact and message visibility.

    Find out our other media


    Mobility and intense attention

    Placed in front of passengers when seated on a PHV or a taxi, the Digicab analyses its persona in order to broadcast hyper targeted media loops.


    Waiting areas

    Turn waiting areas into contexts suitable for advertising : choose to broadcast your campaigns on our CharLi media.